Wednesday, April 13, 2016

So Vintage It's Contemporary

As I'm scanning our family's negatives and slides, I am finding images I've never seen before - every single one is a treasure. This one stopped my in my tracks and had me staring at my computer screen in amazement.  

This image is from the early 1940s. These are sisters - my Mama is on the left and Aunt Nancy is on the right.
My first thought when I saw this: "Who knew they had such cute boots?!??" And as if their boots aren't adorable enough - they are wearing cute little dresses wtih boots?? This picture is so vintage it's contremporary! 

As my sister often says, "I wish Mama would just answer her phone. I have a question for her!" I have a lot of questions for her about this photo. "Mama, I love your boots! Where in the world did Grandmother get them? You played clarinet? Whose dog was that? What was his/her name? Was Aunt Nancy always up to something? She always looks like a playful little imp in these pictures!  How long had you been in this house? Where did you live before this house was built?"

Sigh. I know there aren't phones in heaven and even if there were, Mama would be too busy drawing or painting or playing the piano (or clarinet, or trumpet, or autoharp....) to answer.

So I'll just keep scanning and sharing pictures with my family and together we will piece together the story that is both vintage and contemporary.

L to R. Kenneth, Diana, Barbara Nell, Nancy, and Doggie

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