Friday, February 12, 2010

Winter Olympics

Did you know that the 1952 Winter Olympics were held in Oslo, Norway? Did you know Daddy got to go? There were some postcards and photographs of the Winter Olympics in Daddy's stack of "Army Pictures". As the 2010 opening ceremony begins, I can't help but think about winter, 1952.

Before Your Time

Although only Mama and Aunt Vena would remember this cottage, it seemed important to include it as background of our family. I had only seen this cottage in the slides Daddy had. When I went to Aunt Vena's in 2000 to copy pictures, this was an unexpected treasure.

Mama said the only source of heat was the fireplace. It was actually a summer vacation cottage, but the slide we had was of this cottage in the snow. It was beautiful!

The picture of Mama and Daddy isn't from Newport, but I'm guessing it was taken about the same time period. Liked seeing them along with the photos of the cottage.

And She's Off!!!

Cindy and her tricycle. I remember her riding it when we still lived at the white house in Kuttawa. And here she is, riding it at the funeral home in Eddyville.
Beth, Rosemary, Linda, Aunt Vena, and Cindy

And Rosemary.....seems that in many of the pictures you were squirming to get away. Melissa, sorry, but I just haven't made it to 1962 pictures yet.

Rosemary, Linda, Daddy, Cindy, Mama, and Beth

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Denney's Restaurant

No, I'm NOT referring the the Denny's that currently is offering the Grand Slam breakfast! This is about the restaurant that Grandma and Grandpa had before the store. You did know they were in the restaurant business, didn't you?

I called Mama today to check on a few details. She said they spent quite a bit of time in the restaurant. That in the early days, she and Daddy went to vist every three months. And since Grandma and Grandpa were always working, they hung out at the restaurant.

Pretty fun pictures, aren't they? Just wait!! I've got more stuff you're going to like!! Love you all!

Monday, February 8, 2010

February 9, 1960


Happy Birthday, Cindy!

Some of these pictures came from my old red photo album, some from Aunt Vena. After Daddy died in 1999, I wanted to gather as many photographs as I could of the Denneys. I was looking specifically for pictures of the exterior of the store. So I called Aunt Vena and arranged for an overnight visit.

She was always good about having a camera and snapping shots - turned out to be a bonus to find cute pictures like these.

Cindy, I hope you enjoy these pictures as we all celebrate your 50th Birthday.


Monday, February 1, 2010

Dunn Funeral Home Album Pages

It's taken a while, but this is the kind of thing I've had in mind to do with the digital images. These layouts are 8 x10's, which I uploaded to Costco, and printed with a "lustre" finish. Then I simply inserted them into my album. (I'm using an 8 x 10 Itoya Profolio, but any 8 x 10 album would work beautifully)

I plan to use the same background, with variations, for each layout. Hope you like it!!!

(PS I realize these first pages have much more of me in them and not as much of you. However, these places are also part of your history - even if you were little and don't remember them. Be patient. I'll work my way into more "contemporary" pictures and layouts.....)