Friday, April 8, 2016

A Visual Story

My sister found all this  tucked away in a box on a high shelf in a cabinet in our mother's garage.  We had all been on the lookout for the slides - we knew they were somewhere in the house.  However, we had no idea there were also negatives in the box!  Rose entrusted the box of slides and negatives to me with my pinky-sworn promise to have them all scanned, digitized, and loaded onto a medium to be shared.For the past week, I have been sorting and organizing the images, preparing to fulfill my promise to my sisters. Scanning should begin early next week.

Each of these slides and negatives is a treasure.  We have very few printed photographs of our family. Mama had said that most of their photos burned in the fire that destroyed their home in about 1947. Somehow, some negatives from the 40s not only survived that fire, but are in excellent condition.  In those images, we will begin to piece together a visual history of our family that we are too young to remember. 

These transparencies contain both faces (we love as well as some we never met) and places (we remember and those that were gone before we were born).  Every one is priceless and contains one piece of a puzzle that when assembled gives a picture of who we are. 

If, like me, you believe the saying that "A picture is worth a thousand words", then I estimate that this collection of transparencies contains at least half a million words.  That's about five 400-page books worth of content - plenty to use to assemble our "visual story".

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