Monday, September 14, 2015

House of Cannon

Notes from Pete Cannon identify this as the home of John Cannon, a home which has since burned. Although the porch is different, I am wondering whether it is the same house in the photo below, taken in approximately 1892, of the Hayden and Cannon families.

I recognize William Hayden, holding the baby (center of the photo).  This man is our great-great grandfather and I have been digging into his history recently.  He served on the Union side during the Civil War as a bodyguard. Found some wonderful information at the Tennessee State Archives about him - expect a separate post about his military service.

Pete Cannon graciously shared his notes on this photograph in the image below:

Newspaper article, date was not included in file Pete Cannon gave Mama, explains that the house belonged to John S. Cannon. I believe he would have been "Uncle John" to Maudie.

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